Trayler & Trayler

web / print / email

Trayler & Trayler is a leading agency in London, representing photographers, illustrators, animators and film makers. Working in conjunction with their previous developer, we restructured the layout of the page elements to use the maximum amount of screen space, resulting in large impactful images. The blog was redesigned and moved to the home page of the site. Social sharing features were added to artists’ portfolios and design elements throughout the site were updated, creating a cohesive user experience.

Search Engine Optimisation

Initially, basic SEO was non-existent – the site regularly showed up after the fifth page of results on Google. On-site SEO was addressed across all elements of the site, from page titles down to image naming and alt tags. A dynamically updated sitemap was generated and submitted to all major search engines. Social media channels and directory listings around the internet were updated to be consistent with the main site. As a result, Trayler & Trayler now appears on the first page of relevant Google searches (i.e. “London photographers agents”).


To boost traffic, and increase global reach, a short-term Google AdWords campaign was launched. Additional social media channels were created, branded and integrated into an overall social marketing strategy. Email marketing was reconfigured from the ground up to properly utilise new software whilst targeted email lists were developed making full use of their data subscription. Finally, a comprehensive year-long print campaign was established, with preferential ad placements negotiated in a selection of international industry-relevant publications.