Jasper White

web / print

Jasper is a documentary and fine art photographer based in London. His previous website was built in Flash, which was cumbersome to update and didn’t make use of the latest technologies. Jasper wanted the site rebuilt using HTML5 with support for video so he could showcase his upcoming film projects. At the same time, he was looking for a publisher for one of his projects, and needed help refining his pitch material.


The new site was built on WordPress, using a custom-developed theme. Jasper’s branding was brought into the design, which has full support for video. Additionally, the home page presents a random set of images on each visit, ensuring each project gets exposure. For his book pitch, we worked with Jasper to copy-edit and design a bespoke pdf document that could be easily sent to potential publishers. Jasper’s “Sheds” project is due to be published as a book in mid-2014.