Email Marketing

Fully Managed Email Marketing Campaigns

We provide email marketing support to visual artists and creative agencies. Our service encompasses HTML email design, help with imagery selection and copywriting, through to automated delivery and statistical reporting.

In order to work with us, all clients must have their own active data subscription through a provider such as FileFX or Bikini Lists (we are not affiliated with any of these services). We do not supply contact data – we just do everything else.

By taking the burden of managing email campaigns off busy artists, we are able to improve the quality and results of email marketing while providing a service that is uniquely tailored to the needs of each of our clients.

It all begins with an initial consultation to discuss your current clients, your desired clients, and what you’ve been doing to market yourself previously. We’ll also discuss your recent commissions and any personal projects that you have recently finished or are in the midst of. This helps us to build a targeted list from your data subscription. From there we map out a marketing strategy that typically includes regular email campaigns (every 6 weeks at most).

We’ll have frequent communication along the way, to make sure that everything stays on track so that you get the most out of our services and your campaigns.

Once someone opens your email, you’ve got a few seconds at best to grab their attention and hold it. Everything comes down to the design of the email and the quality of your imagery. On top of that, emails must be properly coded in order to display correctly on the vast array of devices that people are using these days.

Our design process begins with a basic template, which is customised to fit your branding. However, this is not a cookie-cutter solution; careful attention is paid to each client so that their work stands out. We help edit your selection of imagery depending on the purpose of the email. We also get involved in the copywriting process – even though your images are the main subject, carefully composed copy makes a difference as to how you (and ultimately your work) is perceived.

As a result of our experience and obsessive attention to details, our clients typically enjoy higher than average open and click rates.

Our software takes care of managing your subscriber list and sending the email campaigns. Bounces and unsubscribe requests are handled automatically and we provide detailed statistics, including how many people opened your email and where in the world they are, as well as who clicked a link in your email (these become your potential leads, and you can follow up with them after).

Our system is built on the technology that powers Amazon, which means your emails have the best possible chance of arriving in the inbox, instead of the spam folder.

This is a premium service with a high level of customisation depending on your needs. Therefore we prefer not to publish a “price list”, and instead would rather speak to you directly. However, for the sake of simplicity, here is a brief description of our main package:

Full Service
We take care of everything for you. From building your contact list – using your data subscription – to designing the emails, help with image selection and copywriting, through to the actual sending of the campaign. Afterwards, we send you the open and click rates as well as a list of everyone who clicked through.